KitPvP | Crate Keys

  These items or the crate keys themselves will not carry over in a reset!

Crates are packed with incredible loot. You will receive a reward upon opening a crate. The loot varies from spawners to cash, it can be many things. You can view all possible loot at /warp crates on the server.

KitPvP | 1x Epic Keys 2.00 1.00 EUR Buy
KitPvP | 3x Epic Keys 6.00 3.00 EUR Buy
KitPvP | 5x Epic Keys 10.00 5.00 EUR Buy
KitPvP | 1x Godly Keys 5.00 2.50 EUR Buy
KitPvP | 3x Godly Keys 15.00 7.50 EUR Buy
KitPvP | 5x Godly Keys 25.00 12.50 EUR Buy