Classic SkyBlock | Infinite Chest Token

  These tokens or the infinite chests themselves will not carry over in a reset.

  This infinite chest will have a 35% tax on all its sales, so 35% of the sales made with the infinite chest will be given to the server.

How to make an infinite chest?

Make sure you have at least one infinite chest token. 

(type /infinitechest to see how many tokens you have) 
Place a chest and put a sign on the chest with [infinitechest] or [ichest]


After you click on done the sign will now look as followings


Now you have successfully created an infinite chest!

How does an infinite chest work?

An infinite chest will pickup all selected items by you (you can set 21 items that need to be collected) in a radius of 16x255x16. 
You can press one button and all items that are in the infinite chest will be sold and added to your ingame balance. 

What happens when I break the infinite chest?

The infinite chest cannot be broken. Only the user who created the infinite chest can pickup the infinite chest and get 1 infinite chest token.

Classic Skyblock | Infinite Chest Token
60.00 30.00 EUR