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Lifesteal | Rank Upgrades

Rank Upgrades allow you to upgrade your current donor rank to the next rank, for a discounted price! Be careful, you can only buy an Upgrade if you already have the previous rank.

More information about each separate package can be displayed by clicking on them.

Please note! These rank upgrades will only work if you own the previous rank as a PERMANENT rank. Upgrading from a SEASONAL rank will not work and will result in the rank upgrade failing.
Make sure to always double-check before purchasing a rank upgrade.

Lifesteal | Guard to Knight
15.00 7.50 EUR
Lifesteal | Knight to Paladin
25.00 12.50 EUR
Lifesteal | Paladin to Royal
25.00 12.50 EUR
Lifesteal | Royal to Emperor
50.00 25.00 EUR
Lifesteal | Emperor to Divine
125.00 62.50 EUR
Champion to Mythic Warrior
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